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In a world forgotten to time, before the adventures of the first Dragon Quest, there lived a 16 year old boy named Roto. His mother woke him on his birthday and said, "Today you're going to see the King of Aliahan!" Now journey with Roto as he carries on his father Ortega's legacy to destroy the demon Baramos. Choose three companions from seven classes to accompany you on your quest. Not satisfied with the results? Then journey to the Shrine of Dharma and change their profession. You'll travel day and night, exploring the world, and maybe pause for a little gambling in Monster Fight Rings. And after you've defeated Baramos, you'll find out there is an even greater evil waiting for you beneath the earth in a land known as Alefgard. Restore peace to the world and you might just become a legendary hero and kick off a string of adventures. Fail and... you know.

  • First Dragon Quest title with battery pack saving
  • Christian symbols and coffins instead of the Jewish star and marshmallow ghosts
  • Swearing and adult material that's not present in Dragon Warrior III
  • 32 weapons, 39 pieces of armor, and 60 spells
  • Gamble your gold away in the Monster Fight Ring
  • Choose your companion's professions from 7 jobs, Soldier, Priest, Wizard, Fighter, Merchant, Jester, and Sage
  • Over 40 castles, villages, towns, and shrines

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Box and Manual Images

Leaving Home Visiting the King Meet Your Party Visiting the Inn
Hero Casting Revive Looking Determined Resting Walking Through Town
Shopping for Stuff Roto Ready to Attack Walking Through a Door Opening a Chest
At Lucia's Bar In a Forest Surrounded Running Away
Sage Casting a Spell Roto Fighting Victory Item Bag
Casting Rura Fighting a Magician 3 Rotos Party Looking Strong
Casting Confuse Casting Expel Dragon Quest III Box Dragon Quest III Box Back
Dragon Quest III Cart Dragon Quest III Instructions Dragon Quest III Instructions Back  

Official Guide Book Images

Guide Book Cover Heroes & Monsters Hero Soldiers
Wizards Priests Sages Fighters
Merchants Jesters Hooray for Clothes! Practice Suit
Leather Armor Shell Armor Clothes to Avoid Enemies Chain Mail
Iron Apron Fighting Suit Half Plate Armor Full Plate Armor
Priest's Magic Robe Angel Robe Magic Armor Dragon Mail
Armor of the Earth Sword Armor Animal Suit Revealing Swimsuit
Punk Fashion Aliahan Monsters Underground Monsters Monster Fight Ring
Kandar & Henchman Noaniels Monsters It's a trap! Baharata Monsters
Orochi Attack! Tightrope Walking Hero with Monsters Dragon Riding
Necrogond Monsters Baramos Castle Monsters    

Monster Artwork

Army Crab Baby Satan Black Raven Bomb Rock
Caterpillar Catfly Demon Toadstool Froggore
Giant Anteater Giant Squid Gizmo Gold Basher
Granite Titan Great Beak Grizzly Hell Condor
Humanabat Horned Rabbit Kandar Kong
Leoroar Lump Mage Magician Marine Slime
Masked Moth Merman Mimic Old Hag
Orochi Putrepup Ram Rogue Knight
Scalgon Scorpion Wasp Shadow Shaman
Skeleton Sky Dragon Tortogon Trick Bag
Troll Winged Demon Baramos Zoma

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