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Since his adventures in Dragon Quest IV, Torneko, his wife Nina, and his son Paulo have moved away from Endor and started their own shop. Torneko's lived peacefully with the Box of Happiness he snagged during his first Super Famicom adventure. Recently new mysterious dungeons and monsters started appearing all over town. So once again, Torneko has to set out to find the source of the trouble and put a stop to it.

  • Classic dungeon exploring with RPG elements mixed in
  • New Mysterious Dungeons above and below ground
  • 132 monsters to fight, 15 traps to avoid, and 148 different items to collect
  • New item creation system
  • Now that it's portable, you can take this game anywhere!

Please visit the Torneko: The Last Hope section for guides.

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Screen Shots

Torneko's House Visiting the King Around Town By the Fountain
Fighting Big Slugs Fighting a Slime    

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