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On Prince Keifer's tenth birthday, the prince was looking for a way to cause a little trouble and sneak out of Estard Castle. While hiding in the closet, the spirit of Rubiss appeared and transported Keifer to Torland, the world of Dragon Quest II. Along with his companion Lewin, Keifer must travel the world in order to find to Orb of Roto to cure Lewin's sick parents and allow Keifer to return to Estard.

  • First Dragon Quest title for Game Boy Advance
  • First Dragon Quest under the SquareEnix name
  • Breed monsters with Monster Hearts
  • Take control of both monsters and humans
  • Control up to three caravans with humans and monsters with up to 12 party members
  • 20 different character classes
  • Travel around the world of Dragon Quest II

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Screen Shots

Title Screen Estard Island Keifer in Hiding Rubiss
Travel Door Caravan Encounter The First Fight Overworld
At the Camp      

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