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By now you should know the stories! But just in case...

In Dragon Quest I, the Ball of Light has been stolen and Princess Laura has been kidnapped by the Dragon King. Travel throughout the land of Alefgard to put a stop to him. In Dragon Quest II, Moonbrooke Castle has been ransacked by the powerful wizard Hargon. As a descendant of Roto, you must team up with your cousins and restore world peace.

Everything from the Super Famicom version is intact. It's the same game, only now it's portable!

  • First Dragon Quest ports for Game Boy
  • Compatible with the original Game Boy
  • New, animated opening cinemas!
  • Also features Super Game Boy backgrounds that change depending on your location.

Dragon Quest I Map Dragon Quest 2 Map    

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Box and Manual Images

Hoimi Megante Sleep Revive
Rura Mera Boom Open
Weapons Armor and Items DQ I+II Box DQ I+II Box back
DQ I+II Instructions DQ I+II cart    

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