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On your 16th birthday, your mother wakes you up and tells you it's time for a meeting with the King of Aliahan. The king informs you that you must follow your father Ortega's footsteps and go on a quest to defeat the Archfiend Baramos. In order to defeat Baramos, you must travel day and night to every corner of the world. You'll have to enlist the help of Soldiers, Pilgrims, Wizards, Merchants, Fighters and Goof-Offs to face the trials ahead. Travel by land, ship, and air in a world that's twice as big as Dragon Warrior II. Oh, and once Baramos is defeated, the game's far from over.

  • Eight different character classes to choose from
  • Visit the Shrine of Dhama to change your class.
  • Explore the world during both day and night.
  • Gamble at the Monster Fighting Ring!
  • 140 different monsters to fight
  • 60 different types of spells
  • Over 40 places to visit
  • Fun Fact: This game was over nine months late! Enix kept pushing the release date back due to translation and graphical improvements

Darkni's Dragon Warrior III FAQ Dragon Warrior III FAQ World Map Dark World Map
Cave on Promontory Map Tower of Najima Map Cave of Enticement Map Cave of Noaniels Map
Tower of Shanpane Map The Pyramid Map Cave of Baharata Map Tower of Garuna Map
Cave of Jipang Map Tower of Arp Map Navel of the Earth Map Cave of Samanao Map
Cave of Necrogond Map Castle of Baramos Map Tower of Kol Map Cave of Tantegel Map
Castle of Zoma Map Dragon Warrior III Game Genie Codes    

Some maps courtesy of Planet Dragon Warrior

Q: Where is the Golden Claw?
A: The Golden Claw is hidden in the basement of the Pyramid. In the basement, search in the lower left area and you'll find a hidden staircase that leads to the second basement and the Golden Claw. Still can't find it? See a picture of it here.

Q: How can I change one of my characters to a Sage?
A: The Sage is a class that learns both Pilgrim and Wizard spells, has a decent selection of weapons and armor, plus it has pretty good attack and defense stats. In order to become a Sage, you need the Book of Satori, which is found in the Tower of Garuna, north of Dhama. To get the book, you have to take a leap of faith off one of the tightropes inside the tower.

Q: Where are the six Orbs?
A: The Silver Orb is found after you go through the Cave of Necrogond. The Blue Orb is found in the Navel of the Earth. The Red Orb is hidden on the side of the House of Pirates. The Green Orb is found in Tedanki at night. The Yellow Orb is given to you when the new town scenario is completed. The Purple Orb is left after the Orochi is defeated.

Q: How do I walk on those rotating floors?
A: There are two types of rotating floors. See a picture of how to move on them here.

Manual Images

Hero Soldier Fighter Pilgrim
Wizard Merchant Goof-Off Sage
Fighting Baramos Baramos Sailing Around Box Artwork

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