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The Monsters series is back and better than ever! Hop on your jet-ski and traverse the seven Granpool Islands. Scout and breed everything from a simple Slime to some of the rare and powerful Lord Monsters
  • Full 3D movement and battles
  • Gaphics similar to DQ VIII
  • No more random battles.
  • Jet-ski around the seven Granpool Islands
  • Day/Night cycle returns
  • Monsters are now tamed with the new "Scout" command
  • Monsters have skill points similar to DQ VIII
  • 200 monsters to scout and breed
  • Boss Monster family has been reorganized and the Lord Monster family has taken its place
  • 3 monsters (Trode, Ramia, and Leopold) only availible via DS Download Station
  • Wi-Fi support to challenge your fellow Monster Tamers and be rewarded with monsters and items

Chi Chi's Monster List Lotus Dweller's Translation Guide Beast Family Demon Family
Dragon Family Material Family Nature Family Slime Family
Zombie Family Lord Monsters    

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Artwork and Images

Big 'ol Jump Preview Big 'ol V-Jump Preview Hero from the Front Hero from the Rear
Expression 1 Expression 2 Joker Collage

Screen Shots

Devils & Woodsmen Monster Team Battle Undead vs. Naturals Oh, BURN!
Bang! Rockslide! The Rich Aroma Speddio
Crazy 'n Metal Bunny Death Kawhat? Dodgy Deathmoore
i dunno lol Overkill! Punch 'o Gold! Casting Kaidontknow
Deathmoore Attacks! Scouting Raising a Joker Defense Increase
Zombie Attack! Sleepy Armor Armor Attack! Armor Group
Here it comes! Oh noes! Nardy, no! Look out!
It's on now! About to throw down! Not very scorchy Never had a chance.
Not. Fair. Really not fair. Blink and it's over! Splat
It tried so hard. Is this needed? Not a scratch! It's over!
Books, run! No symbolism here! No, no I won't. Hero & Puppy Goo Goo
Empty Box = Mad Monster Have a trophy! Sup! Slimon?
I dunno, dog. Damn furries! Already said no! No, not really.
From 'yo mamma? Connect Four Condesending See anything you like?
GreatDrak Bone Fighter Bull Basher Deeno
Orcs AND Humans? Yea! No, but your mother... No scouting here!
Oh, COME ON! Think again! Cross-eyed Jabba?
Away we go! Predicament Squiddie Pool On to the Belfry
What, Jailcat? I'll poke 'ya! Aquariums Avoiding Candles
At the Lift Bones 'n Bones Evening Arena Sandro Isle
Exploring Novice Isle Info Desk Oops!
Surrounded! Maybe it won't see me. Hunting Headhunters 'Bots 'n Cats
Snake? Snaaake?! Lethal Bunny Spooky Tower Around Town

Monster Art

Skeleton Mischievous Mole Argon Lizard Killer Machine
Phantom Fencer Jail Cat Cockateer Dragon
Slime Knight Slime Scalgon Treeface
Spitnik Grim Rider Lonely Armor Kong Head
Cyclops Lethal Panther Dracky Chainine
Arch Demon Living Stature Saber Fox Dumbria
Killer Panther King Slime Zombie Mud Puppet
Battle Rex Brownie

Special thanks goes to Kimmonk for the artwork!

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