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An evil group of Momonja's called the Tails Gang has attacked the Slime village of Surlun Town. As Slayin the Slime you must trek across Slime Island and rescue the 100 residents of Surlun Town and take down the Tails Gang.

  • First action/adventure Dragon Quest title
  • Control Slayin the Slime and jump, burrow, float, and stretch
  • Features an incarnation of Cid from the Final Fantasy series
  • Rescue 100 different Slimes
  • Momo
  • Pick up a toy knight and temporarily become a Slime Knight
  • Explore seven distinct areas, plus an eighth, bonus area
  • Rebuild Surlun town and play mini games

Darkcyde's Slime Morimori Walkthrough      

Q: When I'm rescuing Slimes, I get a message when I try and open a chest and I can't read Japanese. What's going on?
A: You can only carry three Slimes on your head at a time. If you're on a big Slime hunt, be sure to toss them on a raft or balloon lift.

Screen Shots

Dancing Slimes Slime Families Slime Siblings Ninja Slime
Cid Monja Rope Climb Fighting Golem Draheart Jr.
Fighting Baton Fighting Rodon Fire and Ice Golem Rematch

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