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After Pisaro fell and peace returned to the world, Torneko and the rest of The Chosen Ones went their separate ways. Torneko went back to his shop in Endor, but he still wasn't happy with his place in life. He wanted to have the greatest shop in the entire world! So he set out with his wife Nina and son Paulo into the unknown. Eventually he heard rumors of a "Mysterious Dungeon". After searching for some time, Torneko finally discovered it and started a new home and an adventure he'd never forget.

  • First Dragon Quest title published by developer Chun Soft instead of Enix
  • First Dragon Quest Action/RPG spin off
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • 32 monsters to fight, 9 traps to avoid, and 78 different items to collect
  • Your house and surroundings expand with every dungeon you finish
  • With every victory, the monsters become more powerful

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Box, Manual, & Guide Book Images

Torneko Waving Torneko Pondering Torneko & Family Torneko & Family Again
Torneko with a Map Torneko and Stairs Torneko Defeated Torneko & SFC
Slime Following Torneko Torneko vs. Slime Torneko vs. Slime Part 2 Torneko and a Mage
Torneko Looking Around Herb Tossing Defeated a Slime! Torneko & Momonja
Torneko Eating Torneko Fighting Two Tornekos Erasing the Board
Torneko Once Again Tired Torneko "Starving" Torneko Hungry Torneko
Ganging Up Torneko vs. Slime Yet Again Good & Bad Torneko's Still Fighting
Torneko and Weapons Torneko and Chimera Torneko Loses That Slime Just Won't Quit
Torneko with Sword Torneko and Orchestra Torneko no Daibouken Box Torneko no Daibouken Box Back
Torneko no Daibouken Instructions Torneko no Daibouken Cart    

Monster Artwork

Slime Lump Mage Chimera Demonite
Demon Toadstool Magician Momonja Mummy
Giant Slug      

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