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The evil jester Dolmages has stolen an ancient scepter and unleashed a sealed evil that has cursed King Trode and turned Princess Medea into a horse! Along with the reformed bandit Yangus and your pet mouse Toppo, you'll travel the world to search for clues to release the curse and defeat Dolmages

  • First Dragon Quest title for the Playstation 2
  • First Dragon Quest to be published in America under its original name
  • First Dragon Quest title to receive a complete graphical overhaul
  • Developed by Level-5, creators of the Dark Cloud series
  • Travel across a fully realized 3D world
  • Examine the area with a first person view
  • Travel the world on foot, on a saber cat's back, on a ship, or in the air
  • Create new items with the Alchemy Pot
  • Skill Points are used to learn abilities instead of job classes
  • Features a Monster Scouting system. After defeating certain monsters which stand out in the field, they can be added to your monster team to compete in the monster arena or called into battle.
  • A tension system is introduced where characters can build up power for an ultimate attack

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Character Designs

Hero & Toppo Hero & Toppo 2 Yangus Yangus 2
Jessica Jessica 2 Kukule Kukule 2
Trode Horse and Wagon Dolmages Mystic Bird
Ancient Ship Mori, Howard, & Village Chief Townsfolk Young Man, Woman, & Boy
Farmers The Elderly The Bar Scene Dancer, Merchant, & Skill Lady
Clergy More Clergy Tough Guys Shady Characters
Castle Folk Bard & Sage Textless Box Art A head-on shot of the characters

Monster Artwork

Bad Rooster Dancing Satan Kong Head Pook Pok
Pork Fish Ring Ring    

Screen Shots

Hero & Menu Running Around In a Forest Waterfall Scene
Hero Detail Town Gate Across a Bridge Through a Town
Town at Sunset Barrel Lifting Bar Scene Bar Patrons
Looking Around Field at Sunrise Church at Dawn Exploring a Cave
A Small Fight Hero Attacks! A Town Scene Four Heroes
Yangus Attacks! Surprised Panther Ride Looking 'round
Yangus Punch Jessica & Kukule A New Evil? Trode
Found a Map! Old Tower Odd Temple Ready to Fight!
Spell Cast Victory! Monsters 1 Monsters 2
Monsters 3 Monsters 4 Monsters 5 Hero Attacks!
Jessica Townsfolk Shock! Yanack?
Leaving Equipping a Sword Ready for Battle Stoneman Beating
Orc Smack! Yangus Takes a Hit Blast from the Past Laughing Yangus
Overlooking a Field Running Past a Pond Talking to Kukule/Angelo Talking to Jessica
Might want to get out of the way Calling Monsters Monster Attack! Trode and his Pot
Alchemy Pot Ready for Another Battle    

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