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BS Dragon Quest is basically Dragon Quest I from Dragon Quest I+II Reprise with a few modifications. Before we get into the specifics, some explanation of the Broadcast Satellite system is in order. The Broadcast Satellite system, or Satallaview, was a system for trying games out, similar to the Sega Channel in the mid '90s. You could download portions of a featured game and after four weeks the game would be complete. Games were stored on small cartridges about the size of a Game Boy game and were playable on the Super Famicom through an adapter. You're given a quest to complete and time limit to finish it. The quests are mostly from of DQ I and they build on top of each other. It spices DQ I up a little and adds some new twists to a classic title.

  • Demo of sorts for Dragon Quest I Reprise
  • Sound test feature
  • Time limit for each quest
  • Tiny Medal collecting has been added

Sorry, there are no guides for BS Dragon Quest yet!

Q: I'm trying to play the game and all it does is show that picture of the castle in the rain. Is there something wrong with the game?
A: You're seeing that picture because the game is looking for other players. Just wait for some time and the game will start.

Satallaview Images

Satallaview system Cart & adapter Receiver base  

Thanks to Neil Mortensen and The Forbidden Nintendo Information Repository for the information and pictures.

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