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You begin your adventure traveling the countryside with your father, Papas. Once the story gets underway you'll span three generations, learn the fate of your family and put a stop the monsters terrorizing the land. You'll charm and enlist the help of monsters, choose who you want to marry, fly on a magic carpet, and even inherit a kingdom during the most epic Dragon Quest to date.

  • First Dragon Quest remake for the Playstation 2
  • Currently the best seller of all the remakes
  • Developed by ex-Heartbeat, Arté Piazza
  • First Dragon Quest title to not use any 2D elements
  • Features the same control scheme as VII and IV Reprise
  • Now features four party members instead of three
  • Fully animated monsters
  • Larger monster groups
  • Animated battle backgrounds
  • Revised scenes and scenarios
  • Item collecting mini quests
  • The board game from DQ III returns

Weapon, Armor, and Items Guide Small Medal Guide Monster Box Guide  

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Screen Shots

At the Church Walking to Town On an Island Sunset
Traveling at Night Heading to the Ice Cave Elf Village On a Bridge
Coming Down Castle Gates Telphador Talking to Bianca
In the Volcano Monsters Attack! Slime Attacks! Facing Monsters
Monster Pack Run Away! Trick Bag On the Cliff
In the Desert Visiting Port Selmi Talking to a Salesman World Map
Eeeeradacator! The Casino Ponies  

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