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On your 16th birthday, you are called by the King of Aliahan to follow in your father's footsteps to travel the world and defeat the evil demon, Baramos. You'll travel day and night, explore towns, caves, and towers, play mini games, and get ready for a few surprises as the Loto series comes to an end.

  • One of the largest Game Boy games ever, clocking in at 32 megabits.
  • Compatible with Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance systems.
  • Brand new Bird Studio exclusive US box artwork.
  • All the elements from the 1996 Super Famicom reprise are intact.
  • All of the monsters are fully animated.
  • Collect Small Medals and trade them for items like the Heaven series.
  • Travel the world through day and night on foot, ship, or air
  • Gamble your money away in the monster rings or play the Pachisi board game.
  • Choose your male or female companions from eight character classes: Soldier, Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Jester, Merchant, Thief, and Sage.
  • Give your heroes some personality! Try to get the best stats or pick a personality that's closest to you.
  • New spells, weapons and items
  • A bonus dungeon is available after you beat the game.

Shdwwrym's Dragon Warrior III FAQ Monster Coin Chart    

Q: What's with these questions I'm being asked?
A: In 1996, Yuji Horii and company released a new version of DQ3 for the Super Famicom (Super NES). One of the things Horii wanted to add was a personality system. Before the game starts, the player is asked a series of random questions. The player can answer the questions any way they like. When all the questions are done, you're taken to a scenario based on your answers. The personality of your character effects the stats. You can change your character's personality over time through battle or by reading books found in various towns and caves.

Q: What's up with this board game?
A: The Pachisi is a fun little mini game. There are a couple of them placed around the world. It's not free. You have to have a ticket to play and the tickets are found all over the place. They're not a required feature, but they are a fun break from monster killin' and you can win some pretty cool prizes

Box and Manual Images

Box Artwork Back of the Box Manual Monster Madness!
World Map DW III Poster    

Screen Shots

Kandar's Hideout In the Throne Room Sailin' Around Outside Aliahan
Got a Herb! Slime Monster Medal King Gives Away a Ship About Ortega
In Battle Kandar's Hideout Again At the Inn A Cool Pic
In Front of the Castle Another Battle    

Thanks to Enix for providing the screen shots!

Nintendo Power Images

Yuji Horii Interview Nintendo Power fold out poster Male Soldier Female Soldier

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