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Everything you know and love about Dragon Quest III is back and now it's portable! You play the role of the 16-year-old son (or daughter) of the hero Ortega. You're ordered to follow in your father's footsteps and defeat the evil demon known as Baramos. Along the way you'll enlist partners, save towns and villages, awaken the legendary bird Ramia, and discover your father's fate. Now you don't have to sit at home to enjoy this classic game!

  • One of the largest Game Boy titles ever, clocking in at 32 megabits!
  • All the elements of the Super Famicom reprise are intact
  • Animated Monsters
  • Tiny Medal collecting has been added
  • Gamble your gold away at the Monster Fight Ring or play the Sugoroku board game to win various items
  • Choose your male or female companions from eight character classes: Soldier, Grappler, Priest, Wizard, Jester, Merchant, Thief, and Sage.
  • Give your heroes some personality! Try and get the best stats or pick a personality that's closest to you.
  • New spells, weapons, and items.
  • A bonus dungeon becomes available after you beat the game.

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Guide Book Images

Heroes ready Female Hero Male Hero Female Soldier
Male Soldier Female Grappler Male Grappler Female Wizard
Female Priest Male Priest Female Dealer Male Dealer
Female Jester Male Jester Female Thief Male Thief
Female Sage Male Sage Aliahan Reeve
Romaly Caserb    

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