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The power of the unique Wii controller has put the sword in your hands! Step foot into the kingdom of Alsword and use it to face off against familiar Dragon Quest foes. Slash your way to victory!
  • First Dragon Quest title for the Nintendo Wii
  • Originally planned as one of the Wii's launch titles
  • An extension of Kenshin Dragon Quest where the sword is in your hands!
  • Arcade style first person action
  • Perform special moves by building power and swinging the controller
  • Call on allies to assist you in battle!
  • The Hero's father, Baud assists with attack spells
  • Prince Dean supplies attack and defense
  • Priestess Setia keeps you in the game with her healing spells
  • First Japanese DQ title to feature voice actors

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Q: Is this a launch title?
A: Well, it used to be! At its E3 2006 pre-show press conference, SquareEnix announced that it is a launch title for the Nintendo Wii. However they didn't make it clear which market it was launching in. With the recent news of Swords being pushed back to Spring '07, it was meant to be a Japanese launch title. And you thought SquareEnix was going to give us North American scum anything!

English Screen Shots

Golem Battle Slime Slashing Swords Cast Singed Boobs
Toasted Slime Orc Block Golem Fight Hands in the air!
Self Explanatory Slime Smack Slime Slice Dig it!
In the eye! Thrusting Molasses Ghosts 'n Moles
Down the River Swordmaster Dao Baud and Dean Big Pimpin'
It's a trap! Hot Topic Patron Sure it would! Well Worried
O... k! Plains Zuko in here? Messy Room
World Map River Raft Shield Menu Strikes and Strokes
Equip Menu Item Menu Defense Game Slime Slash
King Slime Slash Knight Block Snowstorm Knight Slasher
Chimera Roast Crotch Hypnosis Spirit Focus Infinite Eights
Slime Squash Dark Golem Marmalade Too much sexy!
More Singed Boobs Inconvenient Truth Fire! Fire! FIRE! Baud Blast
No Joke Here Cutlass Sierra Fill 'um up! Move the shield.
Saw behind the shield. Yea! I'm safe with you, Harry. Grassy Cove
To the tower! Tower Interior Hey, free stuff! Armor Shop
Sword List Shield List Equipment Hero's Stats

Artwork and Images

V-Jump Scan Part One V-Jump Scan Part Two Promo Shot Hero
Setia Dean Baud V-Jump Article (JeauxFrance)
NA Box Art      

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