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The classic Dragon Quest titles you know and love can now be played on your cell phone. Avoid all your important calls by getting lost in the land of Alefgard!

  • It's Dragon Quest on your phone!
  • Get Dragon Quest Monsters for I Mode, V, or EZ networks
  • Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II are in the graphical style of Dragon Quest III Reprise
  • The simplified cell phone controls work very well
  • Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 can sync with its cell phone counterpart
  • An all new game, Dragon Quest Monsters Mobile has recently been released. It features all new characters and story!

Sorry, we haven't received any guides for Dragon Quest Mobile yet.

Q: How can I get Dragon Quest Mobile?
A: Currently the mobile titles are only available for certain model phones on a particular network in Japan. There was Japanese hack project so everyone could have it, but it seems to have vanished. In May 2004, I (Dwaine) spoke to the president of UIEvolution, SquareEnix's newly acquired mobile middleware developer. He said that Dragon Quest I Mobile was one of the four games given to them for development but was unsure if it would see an actual release.

Q: How does Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 sync with the mobile version?
A: We don't know either! We're assuming you can transfer your team for battles. There isn't much info on the mobile versions of DQM so if you have any info, please let us know!

Screen Shots

Ready to Fight! Exploring the Forest Fighting in Blue Monster Team Menu
Around Alefgard Dragon Encounter At the Inn Toasted Chimera
Near Laurasia Around Town Blasting Monsters Holy Ship!
DQM Mobile: At the Farm DQM Mobile: World Map DQM Mobile: Exploring DQM Mobile: So that's where they took King Slime!

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