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The evil Momonjas known as the Tails Gang have returned! With a new arsenal of tanks, they've once again destroyed Surlun Town and kidnapped the residents! As Slayin the Slime you must once again defeat the Momonja gangsters and rescue your friends and family.
  • First Dragon Quest title for the Nintendo DS
  • All the streaching and smacking action returns
  • Construct your own tanks and engage in one-on-one tank battles!
  • Customize you tank ammo and crew
  • Compete in Slamori's Tank Battle Arena to win special and classic items!
  • DQ VIII's Alchemy Pot returns!

Chi Chi's Slime Morimori 2 Walkthrough      

Sorry, we haven't received any common questions for Slime Morimori 2 yet.

Screen Shots

Familiar Territory Cat Smack! Momonja Beth? Stack 'um up!
Lock and Load! Shall we? Soothing Looks familiar...
English "Rocket Slime" Logo Loading the cannons Tony Danza's not the boss here! King Rescue

Box, Manual, and Merchandise Images

Morimori 2 Cover V-Jump Alternate Cover Manual Cover Slime Morimori 2 Cart
Tails Gang Slime Smack! Thieving Momonjas! Ultimate Slime Tank!
Terrorizing Tanks! Tank Cross Section Tails Gang Tank Building Slime vs. Slime!
Morimori Merchandise Morimori Magnets    

Character Art

Slayin Hoimin Slimy Ma Ma
Pa Pa Drao Ouchimu Slamori
Cid Monja Momonja Tails Gang Member Don Monja
Grinning Momonja Prank Gopher Cacti Ball Drakee Tail
Spooky Tail Helpful Momonja Cat Tail Pixie with Bullet
Tail Bag Mimic Tail    

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