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In Dragon Quest I, peace is shattered as the Dragon King seizes the Ball of Light and sends forth the minions of darkness to ravage the world. Princess Laura of Radatome has been captured and taken away by the evil hordes. You are descended from the noble line of Roto and it falls to you to defeat the King Dragon's servants. Ultimately, you must challenge the Dragon King himself and restore peace and light to the land.

In Dragon Quest II, once again darkness descended upon the world when the evil wizard Hargon sent forth hordes of evil monsters to cover the land. Moonbrooke Castle was sacked and its people all lost, save one wounded soldier. This soldier's dying breaths told the terrible tale to the king of Laurasia. Though the king is too old to combat the forces of evil, his son is also descended of the line of Roto. As the Prince of Laurasia you will seek companions who also share the bloodline of Roto and combat the evil that is Hargon.

  • Combines both classic adventures on one cartridge with enhanced graphics, sound, and game play.
  • Vaults were added in Radatome and Mercado with a wandering item salesman in Rimuldar.
  • Similar to the later titles, rare and stat increasing items are now found in the pots and dressers.
  • In DQ I, the Flame Sword, can now be used as an item in battle.
  • Some monsters (Dragon guarding Laura, Golem guarding Mercado, Mad Clown of Laurasia) have had their HP significantly increased and their defeats are more rewarding.
  • In DQ II, your characters now attack the next target instead of wasting a turn.
  • Visible effects are now present on screen when spells are cast. If the spell fails, the effect is not present.

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Box and Manual Images

Sumaltria casting Bagi Sumaltria casting Megante Laruasia casting Rarihio Laurasia casting Hoimi
Moonbrooke casting Behoimi Laurasia casting Remia Laurasia casting Riremit Laurasia casting Rura
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