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Ruka and his sister Iru recently moved to the island of Marta. They arrived with their family who hoped to start up a monster farm. Soon after they arrive, the monster Warubou started causing trouble with his new ally, Prince Kameha. Ruka and Iru have to catch and train their monsters in order to stop Warubou and Prince Kameha before they make a huge mistake and sink Marta!

  • Two separate games with different main characters, monsters, and plot
  • Compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color systems
  • Both games are twice the size of Dragon Quest Monsters
  • Collect Magic Keys to explore new areas
  • Catch, breed, and train 300 types of new and old monsters from Dragon Quest I-VII
  • Link your systems together to trade or breed monsters and challenge your friends

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Box and Manual Images

Iru Ruka Warubou Egg Expert
World Map Fushigunakagu Grandpa Monster Prince Kameha
Marta Ruka Box Ruka Box Back Iru Box
Iru Box Back Ruka cart Ruka Instructions  

Guide Book Images

Dragon Quest Monsters 2 V-Jump Guide Guide Book Back Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Poster  

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