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In Dragon Quest Monsters, you follow the adventures of Terry as he's transported to the kingdom of Taiju to become a Master Monster Trainer, win the Starry Night Tournament, and rescue his sister Mileyu.

In Dragon Quest Monsters 2, you take on the role of either Ruka or Iru as they travel to the island of Marta to open a monster farm with their parents. They'll have to train their monster team to acquire magic keys that unlock portals to other worlds. There they'll gather items to plug Marta's hole and stop it from sinking into the sea.

  • Features colorful, updated 2D graphics
  • First Dragon Quest game to feature a slightly different interface
  • The item bag has been expanded
  • Sort of animated monsters
  • Each monster features a green/yellow/red life bar below their HP

Sorry, we haven't received any guides for Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 yet.

Q: I heard that Dragon Quest Monsters 2 isn't complete. Please explain.
A: While we wouldn't call the game incomplete, the Playstation version of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 has some things missing from it's original Game Boy Color version. The Tiny Medal system has been altered plus the wandering trainers are much harder to come by in Dragon Quest Monsters 2.

Screen Shots

Iru Walking About Terry Taking a Stroll Ruka & Iru Arrive Title Screen
At the Item Shop In the Forest Monsters Attack! In a Cave
Monster Farm Around Taiju New Monster Farm Around Marta
Warubou Plug Doorway In the Desert Dragon and Laura
Facing the Golem      

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