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After the events in Dragon Quest, the descendant of Roto married Princess Laura and sailed away from Alefgard. They founded the kingdom of Torland where the couple and their children lived happily lived out their days. Generations later, chaos broke out with rumors of a powerful evil being emerging from the southern impassible cliffs of the frozen wasteland, Rhone. His name was Hargon, an evil sorcerer bent on world destruction. He chose Moonbrooke Castle to launch his reign of terror.

Hargon's army swept in and decimated the castle, its inhabitants, and the King within minutes. A lone, injured guard escaped and walked to the nearby fortress of Laurasia Castle. No sooner had he told the king of Moonbrooke's defeat that he perished. Now as a descendant of Roto, The Prince Of Laurasia must venture out to meet his two cousins and stop the evil hand of Hargon. With a world four times larger and many new monsters, the heroes have a much harder and dangerous adventure than their ancestor.

  • Very different dialogue in Dragon Quest II than Dragon Warrior II. (mature dialogue etc.) 
  • 52 character passwords instead of a battery pack save. 
  • There are crosses and coffins instead of Jewish Star and marshmallow ghosts. The priests also look different.
  • Dragon Quest II does not feature the introduction with Moonbrooke, like Dragon Warrior II. 
  • Monsters now attack in groups.
  • A world 4 times larger than the original Dragon Quest

Sorry, there are no guides on Dragon Quest II yet, but please refer to the Dragon Quest I+II, Dragon Warrior II, and Dragon Warrior I+II pages for game help.

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Box and Manual Images

Laurasia hears the news! Taking Down Notes Three Cousins Charging Two Princes Fighting
Walking Around Trio Shopping Laurasia Posing New Armor!
Laurasia's Item Bag Casting Sleep Sumaltria Fighting Sumaltria Frying a Rat
Casting Death Casting Revive Casting Explodet Casting Megante
Dragon Quest II Box Dragon Quest II Box Back Dragon Quest II Instructions Dragon Quest II Instructions back
Dragon Quest II Cart      

Monster Artwork

Arch Demon Attack Robot Bubble Slime Big Rat
Carnivog Centipede Cyclops Dragon Fly
Evil Clown Enchanter Evil Eye Evil Tree
Flame Man Gas Ghost Mouse Gold Batboon
Gremlin Hawkman Hibango Hoimi Slime
Iron Ant Medusa Ball Mud Doll Mummy
Orc Pteranodon Saber Tooth Tiger Skeleton
Sorcerer Zombie Hargon Shido

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