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Once again, Enix has decided to remake the classic Dragon Warrior I+II but this time for the Game Boy Color. Graphics aside, It's very similar to the Super Famicom Reprise. You know the basic story, if not, check out the Dragon Warrior or Dragon Warrior II pages. In Dragon Warrior I Princess Lora and the Ball of Light have been captured by the evil Dracolord. As Loto's descendant you must defeat the Dracolord and save the day! In Dragon Warrior II, many years have passed since the defeat of the Dracolord and the offspring of the Hero and Princess Lora have ventured out and formed their own kingdoms far from Alefgard. Suddenly one day, an evil wizard named Hargon attacked and destroyed Moonbrooke Castle! As Loto's descendant, you must find your two cousins and save the day before darkness floods the land!

  • The first time a Dragon Warrior/Quest remake released in the United States.
  • Added bonuses similar to DQ I+II Reprise
  • You can quick-save, which allows you to save at any point and restart there as long as you don't reset your Game Boy. You can also still save the old fashioned way.
  • Opening cinemas have been added to each game
  • Boss battles are tougher and more rewarding
  • Improved graphics from the NES versions.
  • Experience points and leveling up are now balanced out.

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Q: What are the differences between the NES and GBC games?
A: The GBC version has new opening cinemas and added scenes that were not in the NES titles due to size constraints. The experience points and how your characters level up are more balanced. Items that increase your stats have been added and are hidden in the usual pots, drawers, etc. The bosses are also a little harder, such as the Green Dragon guarding Lora and the Golem in front of Mercado.

Q: What's with the different names?
A: Enix retranslated the games so most of the character names and locations are back to their original Japanese titles. They're much more accurate than the NES titles.

Q: What happened to the Prince of Cannock? How can I cure him of his sickness?
A: All you have to do is use a Leaf of the World Tree and he will recover and rejoin your party. Once you cure him, he won't get sick again. If you already have one in your inventory, you won't have to make the journey.

Box and Manual Images

Box Artwork Back of the Box Instruction Manual Slimon the Slime

Slimon Again

More Slimon Fighting Hargon Never ever do this!
Firebane Explodet Sacrifice Sleep
Heal Revive Return Open

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