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Many years have passed since the descendant of Erdrick and Princess Gwaelin left the land of Alefgard. They traveled to the surrounding lands and formed three kingdoms. Since then, their descendants have ruled over the lands of Midenhall, Cannock, and Moonbrooke. The land was peaceful for many years until the wizard Hargon came out of hiding. Hargon's armies attacked Moonbrooke castle, killing everyone except one soldier who managed to escape. The injured soldier made it to Midenhall and informed the king of the disaster. You are the Prince of Midenhall, a descendant of Erdrick. After hearing the dying soldier's words, you must visit the surrounding continents, seek out your two cousins, and rid the world of evil once again.

  • An introduction on Moonbrooke's attack was added. In Dragon Quest II, the game starts with the soldier arriving at Laurasia, aka Midenhall.
  • Dragon Warrior II features a save battery instead of a password system.
  • The dialogue in Dragon Warrior II was changed to Middle English to give the game a medieval feel. However, it wasn't used as much as the previous Dragon Warrior.
  • The swearing and adult material was removed.
  • Midenhall is called Laurasia in DQ II.
  • Cannock is called Sumaltria in DQ II.
  • Moonbrooke stays pretty much the same.

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Q: Where do I find Rogue Fastfinger?
A: Rogue Fastfinger never made it out of his cell. He tried to tunnel out, but ran into another wall. Walk into the top right corner of his cell. You'll wind up outside and right in front of him. Still can't find the hole? See a picture of it, here.

Q: Where is the Life Crest in the Cave to Rhone?
A: The Life Crest is in a treasure chest in the basement. Take one of the four staircases down, or just fall through one of the many pitfalls. The chest is in the bottom right corner.

Q: How do I get into Hargon's Castle?
A: When you first enter Hargon's Castle, you'll be tricked into thinking you're in Midenhall Castle. To see the real castle, you have to use the Charm of Rubiss, which you receive when you've collected the five crests and speak to Rubiss.

Q: How do I get past the first floor of Hargon's Castle?
A: Behind the throne, you will go through a couple of doors and walk through some barriers. Behind the throne is an odd looking block. Stand on top of the block and use the Eye of Malroth. If you still need help locating the area, you can see a picture of it here.

Manual Images

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Casting Sleep Casting Infernos Three Heroes Prince of Midenhall
Casting Firebane Casting Defeat Casting Revive Casting Explodet
Casting Sacrifice Three Heroes Take 2 Walking away Box Artwork

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