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As the memory of the time of Roto slips away into the past, a new series of adventures begins! These adventures circle around Heaven, a castle in the sky. The first entry in the Heaven saga consists of five chapters. The first four focus on the companions of the Hero who you will take control of in Chapter Five. The first chapter stars Ryan, captain of the royal guards of Batland as he searches for the missing children of Izmul. The second chapter features Alena, a princess who grew tired of living the privileged life and left the castle with Crift and Brey in tow. The third chapter is about Torneko, a family man and aspiring merchant who dreams of someday owning the biggest store in the world. The fourth chapter we meet twin sisters Minea and Manya. One a fortune teller and the other a dancer; they leave town to investigate their father's murder and seek revenge. In the final chapter, you play as the Hero. After your village is destroyed by monsters, you take your first step into the outside world to put an end to the evil that's been brewing from the very beginning. Will you be able to lead him to the legendary Celestial Weapons and Armor to thwart the return of Estark? Snag yourself a copy and find out!

  • The beginning of a new trilogy!
  • Last Dragon Quest title on the Famicom
  • Features five chapters, each longer than the last
  • First Dragon Quest title to feature a casino
  • New AI system for the party members
  • The wagon is introduced

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Box, Manual, and Character Design Images

Ryan Alena Brey Crift
Torneko Manya Minea Male Hero
Female Heroine Two Heroes with Treasure At the Casino Ryan Asking Questions
Level Up! Against a Wall Casting Hoimi Alena & Company
By the Wagon Fighting Monsters Torneko and an Ax Frying Monsters
Casting Sleep Casting Revive Frying More Monsters Casting Surround
Party AI System Help from the Wagon Help on the Way Traveling Merchant
Party and the Wagon New Equipment A Talking Pixie At the Church
Talking to the King Ryan Getting Info Resting Ryan Dragon Quest IV Box
Dragon Quest IV Box Back Dragon Quest IV Instructions Dragon Quest IV Instructions Back Dragon Quest IV Cart

Official Guide Book Images

Guide Book Cover Fighting Monsters Brey's Stats Alena's Stats
Ryan's Stats Hero's Stats Minea's Stats Manya's Stats
Crift's Stats Torneko's Stats New Armor Hoffman's Stats
Orin's Stats Scott's Stats Hoimin's Stats Rollin's Stats
Panon's Stats Lucia's Stats Dran's Stats Other Characters
Plesiosaur Some Items More Items Even More Items
Yet More Items Too Many Items    

Monster Artwork

Armor Scorpion Arrow Imp Balakooda Balzak
Bangler Blaze Ghost Brahmird Bull Basher
Carnivore Plant Clay Doll Crested Viper Demon Stump
Dive Rat Dragon Rider Eleferover Fairy Dragon
Flamer Flythrope Giant Bantam Giant Eyeball
Giant Worm Great Ohrus Green Dragon Guzzler Ray
Hambala Iceloth Infernus Sentinel Jumbat
Kaskos Hopper Kordra King Slime Leaonar
Lick Lick Maskan Minion Momonja
Ogre Ozwarg Phantom Messenger Pixie
Plesiosaur Poison Lizard Prank Gopher Pteranodon
Rhino King Saro's Shadow Skull Knight Spite Spirit
Stag Beetle Thevro Tyranobat Vampire Bat
Were Tiger Zappersabre Estark Pizaro

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