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Estruk, the Ruler of Evil is being revived and only the Legendary Hero can defeat him. Still too young and inexperienced, the Hero is in hiding from the minions of Saro. Follow the adventures of the Hero's future teammates through four chapters, then assume the role of the Hero in the fifth and final chapter. Travel day and night by land, sea and air and lead your companions with a new AI system. If you teach your team the right moves, you'll be ready to face Estruk and the evil Necrosaro.

  • An all new trilogy and world to explore.
  • Visit the casino to win coins and rare items
  • DW IV was the last Dragon Warrior game to be released in the US until 2000.
  • Features an artificial intelligence system for your party members instead of controlling them manually.
  • You can also acquire AI companions for some extra assistance
  • 174 monsters to defeat.
  • Only a few names were changed this time around. Ragnar was called Ryan and Taloon was Torneko.
  • The swearing, humor and adult material was removed.

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Q: How many Small Medals are there?
A: There is a total of 32 Small Medals hidden around the world.

Q: How do I find the entrance to Keeleon's room in Chapter 4?
A: Use the Gunpowder Jar to scare the minister. He will jump up and run to Keeleon's room. Follow him and "search" the area on the wall he disappeared through.

Q: Where is the Magma Staff?
A. After Balzak is defeated in Samteen Castle, you can find it in a locked room in the north section of the castle.

Q: Where can I find Alena's Fire Claw?
A: The Fire Claw is found in Gardenbur Castle. Look for a hidden hallway and a staircase going down in the castle.

Manual Images

Ragnar Alena Cristo Brey
Taloon Nara Mara Male & Female Hero
AI Characters      

Nintendo Power Images

Taloon with Several Items Mara Casting a Spell Nara with a Crystal Ball  

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