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An evil being known as Maou Mudo is taking over the world and everyone that's attempted to stop him has failed to return. Accompanied by a young girl and martial artist, you head to his castle to try and succeed where others have failed. As you enter his chamber, Mudo instantly defeats your companions and as he raises his hand to you, you suddenly wake up in bed. Was it all just a dream? You'll have to find out for yourself. Discover the secrets of the Real World and the Phantom World... if it even is the Phantom World. Things aren't always as they seem. Discover new worlds, yourself, and defeat the great evil behind all the chaos to change the world forever.

  • First Dragon Quest title with animated monsters
  • Features two worlds instead of the day/night cycle
  • Job/Class system has returned
  • A secret character to discover
  • Gain access to a bonus dungeon and its master, Dark Dream, after finishing the game
  • Slime Arena with all kinds of Slimes
  • Style Contest is introduced
  • Monster catching has returned and they can also take on jobs

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Box and Manual Images

The Hero Hassan Chamoro Barbara
Mileyu Terry Barbara and SFC Hero Getting Info
Trio of Heroes Snoozing at the Inn Hero With Style At the Slime Arena
Battle Scene Mileyu Assisting Terry & Hero Enraged Hero
Hero & Slime Knight Monsters Suiting Up Bar with Monsters Various Monsters
Hero Looking Strong Hero with Himself Hero Blocking a Spell Chamoro & Hero
Items Part 1 Items Part 2 Dragon Quest VI Box DQ VI Box back
Dragon Quest VI Instructions Dragon Quest VI Cart    

V-Jump Guide Book Images

Character Poster Intro Page Never Stop!!  

Monster Artwork

Arrow Dog Bao Barbarosa Battle Rex
Big Face Big Horn Big Lips Bone Fighter
Bone Prisoner Chimera Cyborg Dancing Carrot
Death Fualuna Devil Armor Dornba Ebila
Evil Armor Evil Beast Evil Flame Evil Lamp
Fairy Dragon Flame Condor Flying Duck Fume Dragon
Fur Rat Gamanian Ganko Gargoyle
Genie Gracos Herbkur High Mage
Ibar Iguana Iron Turtle Jamiras
Killer Demon Killer Machine Killer Wave Lesser Demon
Mad Hornet Mad Mirror Madron Monstera
Mudo Octopus Pot Octo Sentry Old Mage
Onion Orc Man Satan General Sea Flower
Skeleton Rider Skull Rabbit Spotted Slime Super Kinsita
Tiger Claw Tree Man Vampire Bat Viero
Well Demon Wind Mage Wing Snake Zombie
Deathmoore Form 1 Deathmoore Form 2 Deathmoore Form 3  

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