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You begin your adventure traveling the countryside with your father, Papas. Once the story gets underway you'll span three generations and learn the fate of your family and put a stop the monsters terrorizing the land. You'll charm and enlist the help of monsters, choose who you want to marry, fly on a magic carpet, and even inherit a kingdom during the most epic Dragon Quest to date.

  • First Dragon Quest game for the Super Famicom
  • First Dragon Quest game not released in the US
  • An expanded casino featuring poker, slots, a Monster Fight Ring, and Slime racing
  • Monsters can join your party
  • Often criticized for being too "Famicom-like"

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Item Chart Monster Chart Monster Stats World Map
John's Enemy Groups Enemy Group Key Enemy Map A1 Enemy Map A2
Enemy Map A3 Enemy Map A4 Enemy Map A5 Enemy Map A6
Enemy Map B1 Enemy Map B2 Enemy Map B3 Enemy Map B4
Enemy Map B5 Enemy Map B6 Enemy Map C1 Enemy Map C2
Enemy Map C3 Enemy Map C4 Enemy Map C5 Enemy Map C6
Enemy Map D1 Enemy Map D2 Enemy Map D3 Enemy Map D4
Enemy Map D5 Enemy Map D6 Enemy Map Fairy World Enemy Map Dark World

Q: Who do I marry, Bianca or Flora?
A: It really depends on what type of characters you want in your party. Bianca is a better fighter but Flora is a better magic user. So it's up to you if you'd rather have a fighter or a magician... or if you want your kids to have yellow or purple hair.

Q: Why can't I use the Celestial Sword?
A: Because only the Legendary Hero can use the Celestial Sword and you're not the Legendary Hero this time around.

Q: How do I get monsters to join my party?
A: Monsters will sometimes join your party after you defeat them. It may take a few battles to convince some of the tougher monsters to join you. You can also capture two of the same monster but it's much more difficult.

Box and Manual Images

Hero Bianca Papas Hero Surprise
Sleeping Heroes At the Church At a Bar Old Man & Hero
Old Man & Monster Talking to Bianca Heroes & Dragon Ready!
Heroes Running Away Hero & Sword Hero Getting Fried Confused Hero
Bianca & AI More AI Bianca Silenced Monster Battle
Woozy Bianca Hero & Monsters Hero Uppercut Monsters Attacking
Baby Newt Attacks Shopping Monster Monsters in Wagon Hero on Flying Carpet
Hero & NPC Hero, Bianca, & Slime Hero, Bianca, & SFC Bianca Shouting
Items 1 Items 2 Spells Dragon Quest V Box
Dragon Quest V Box Back Dragon Quest V Instructions Dragon Quest V Instructions Back Dragon Quest V Cart

Thanks to Neil Mortensen for information and scans.

Monster Artwork

Baby Newt Baby Panther Barbarosa Beak
Berogon Big Eye Blue Eater Brownie
Buon Cactus Doll Dead Emperor Dentasaurus
Dikushiya Man Dornba Enpus Evil Mask
Evil Master Evil Pot Evil Wand Fart Weasel
Ganisha Ganpreen Gas Dango Gema
Golden Golem Gondal Great Dragon Green Worm
Hammerman Ibar Killer Panther Lance Army
Legend Horn Lizard Man Mad Candle Mad Dragon
Mad Mirror Mad Plant Magician Mamuu
Metal Dragon Mole Locust Moza Night Whisper
Octo Leech Ogahet Old Man Shell Plesiosaur
Pukiiru Rampon Red Eater Robot Pirate
Serpent Bat Shadow Satan Shield Hippo Sea Dog
Skull Serpent Spit Snake Tamote Zail
Form 1
Form 2

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