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The evil Dragonlord is trying to take over the kingdom of Alefgard. He has stolen the mystical Ball of Light, destroyed the town of Hawkness, and kidnapped Princess Gwaelin! As a descendant of the legendary hero Erdrick, you must venture out into the world and put an end to the growing threat. You have to grow stronger and collect Erdrick's treasures in order to defeat the Dragonlord and restore peace to the land.

  • Erdrick is known as Roto in Dragon Quest.
  • The graphics are much better in Dragon Warrior. In Dragon Quest, they were very simple. The characters were almost stick figures and only faced one direction!
  • Instead of having a password to continue, Dragon Warrior features a save battery for three files.
  • The dialogue in Dragon Warrior was changed to Middle English to give the game a medieval feel.
  • The swearing and adult material was removed.
  • A shoreline on the world map was added.
  • Tantegel and Breconary are called Radatome in Dragon Quest.
  • Kol is called Maila in Dragon Quest.
  • Cantlin is called Mercado in Dragon Quest.
  • Haukness is called Domudora in Dragon Quest.
  • Garinham and Rimudlar stay pretty much the same.

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Q: Where is the Stone of Sunlight?
A: The Stone of Sunlight is hidden in Tantegel Castle. Go to the upper right area if the castle. You'll need a magic key. Walk past the key store and head down the grassy area until you hit the water. Go a couple of steps to the right and continue moving down. You think you'll go outside if you turn right. That's the whole point of the hidden staircase. It's meant to throw the player off. Go down the stairs and the Stone of Sunlight is yours! If you still can't find it, check out the picture here.

Q: I can't find the Fairy Flute. Where is it?
A: The Fairy's Flute is four steps south of the bath in the village of Kol. Still can't find it? Check out the picture right here.

Where can I find Erdrick's Armor?
A: Erdrick's Armor is buried behind a shop in the destroyed town of Haukness. When you're close to the spot, you'll run into an Axe Knight guarding it. Still can't find it? Check out the picture here.

I'm stuck in Charlock Castle. How can I get past the second floor?
A: There is a hidden staircase in the throne room. Just search around the throne. Still can't find it? Check out the picture here.

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DW Collage Hero, scroll, and dragon Princess Gwaelin Hero vs. Dragon
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Magic Key Hero with Silver Harp Casting Sleep Hero vs. Magician
Hero in a cave Erdrick's Equipment DW "Howard and Nester" Howard and Nester
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