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Cobi and his sister Tara recently moved to the island of GreatLog. They came with their family who hoped to start a monster farm. Soon after they arrive, the monster Warubou started causing trouble with his new ally, Prince Kameha. Cobi and Tara have to catch and train their monsters in order to stop Warubou and Prince Kameha before their antics sink GreatLog!

  • Two separate games with different monsters, plot and main characters.
  • Compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance systems.
  • Both games are twice the size of Dragon Warrior Monsters.
  • Collect Magic Keys to explore new areas.
  • Catch, train and breed 300 types of monsters, including monsters from Dragon Warrior VII.
  • Link your systems together and trade monsters, breed monsters or challenge your friends.

Jimeous' Cobi Walkthrough Jimeous' Cobi Map Data Ambios' Tara Walkthrough Underground Canal Map
West Cape Cave Map Lighthouse Map Volcano Cave Map Border Mine Map
Sage Tower Map Small Cave Map Cemetery Map Wind Tower Map

Q: What's the difference between Cobi's Journey and Tara's Adventure?
A: The monsters in Cobi's game tend to be more offensive and the monsters in Tara's game tend to be more defensive. For example, there may be more Draco Slimes in Cobi's Journey but more Healer Slimes in Tara's Adventure.

Box, Manual, & Guide Book Images

Cobi's Journey Box Tara's Adventures Box Cobi Tara


Bird Family Bird Family 2 Demon Family
Family 2
Family 3
Dragon Family Dragon Family 2
Insect Family Insect Family 2 Insect
Family 3
Sea Family
Sea Family 2 Sea Family 3 Animal Family Animal
Family 2
Family 3
Plant Family Plant Family 2 Plant Family 3
Slime Family Slime Family 2 Slime
Family 3
Material Family
Material Family 2 Material
Family 3
Undead Family Undead Family 2
Undead Family 3 ??? Family ??? Family 2  

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey and Tara's Adventure
Dragon Warrior I+II GBC
Dragon Warrior III GBC
Torneko: The Last Hope

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