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Since his adventures in Dragon Warrior IV, Torneko, his wife Nina, and his son Paulo have moved away from Endor and started their own shop. Torneko's lived peacefully with the Joy Chest he snagged during his first solo adventure overseas. Recently new Magic Dungeons and monsters started appearing all over town. So once again, Torneko has to set out to find the source of the trouble and put a stop to it.

  • Turn based Action RPG.
  • Over 150 animated monsters and characters
  • Over 100 different items to collect
  • Random dungeons gives the player a different game every time
  • Claymation cut scenes and backgrounds

Torneko: The Last Hope FAQ      

Sorry, we haven't received any common questions for Torneko: The Last Hope yet.

Box and Manual Images

TLH Case TLH Case Back TLH Manual Back TLH Disc

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey and Tara's Adventure
Dragon Warrior I+II GBC
Dragon Warrior III GBC
Torneko: The Last Hope

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