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One evening, Terry and his sister Milayou were getting ready for bed when the evil Warubou suddenly appeared out of a travel gate and kidnapped Milayou. The monster Watabou popped out and and transported Terry to the Kingdom of GreatTree. In order to rescue Milayou, Terry must listen to the instructions of Watabou and the King of GreatTree to become the Master Monster Tamer. He'll have to catch, train, and breed monsters from ten different families. Once Terry has his team, he'll have to compete against the Kingdom of GreatLog in the Starry Night Tournament. Will Terry be able win the tournament and rescue his sister? Only time will tell!

  • The first Dragon Warrior game to be released in the US since Dragon Warrior IV!
  • Monster catching system similar to Dragon Quest V and VI
  • Over 200 monsters to catch
  • Breed different monsters to get interesting combinations or new monsters
  • Acquire the bosses from all 6 Dragon Quest games!
  • Over 40,000 different breeding combinations
  • Get SkyDragon poop on you!
  • Compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color systems.
  • The first Dragon Warrior game with coffins instead of marshmallow ghosts

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Note: Most of the areas in Dragon Warrior Monsters are randomly generated, meaning the areas change every time the player enters them.

Q: I'm fighting this monster, tossing out Sirloins left and right, and I still can't catch it. What do I do?
A: Some monsters (especially bosses) can't be caught. You can only get them through breeding. You can catch the same type of monster out in the field in later areas, but it's more difficult and sometimes easier just to breed a better one.

Q: When is the best time to breed my monsters?
A: Generally, the best time to breed your monsters is when they have learned all of their skills, their stats are maxed out, and are at/or close to their maximum level. The offspring's base stats are based on the parents stats added up and divided by four. So, the better the stats on your monsters, you'll have a better result through breeding.

Q: Can I ever get Watabou in my party?
A: You can't catch or directly breed Watabou, but you do eventually get him at the monster farm later on in the game. You can breed Watabou with other monsters to get a more powerful Watabou.

Box and Manual Images

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The Kingdom of Great Tree The Special Bonus Terry Watabou

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