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If you have a link to add, be sure to let us know! We want to acknowledge every active site out there.

Yuji Horii's Page: The creator of Dragon Quest's personal home page

Official Dragon Quest Web Site: The official Japanese Dragon Quest site.

SquareEnix of Japan: DQ's Japanese publisher

Level 5: The home of DQ VIII's developer

Arte Piazza: The home of Dragon Quest V Reprise's developer

Chun Soft: Chun Soft is the company responsible for DQ V and the Torneko series

Koichi Sugiyama's Sugimania: The web site for the DQ's composer

SquareEnix of America: DQ's American publisher

Dragon Quest VIII: SquareEnix of America's official DQ VIII site

Rocket Slime: SquareEnix of America's official Rocket Slime site.

DQM Joker: SquareEnix of America's official DQM Joker site. Also designed by a joker!

Dragon Quest Swords: SquareEnix of America's Official DQ Swords site

Slime Knights: The Official Rocket Slime and Dragon Quest VIII Community

Koichi Sugiyama Unofficial English Fan Page: An excellent site dedicated to every DQ album released by Mr. Sugiyama

Besu's DQ Slime Shrine: A page dedicated to slimes, books, manga and more.

Zennithia: One of the oldest DQ/DW fan sites has returned!

Mokomoko's Castle: All about everyone's favorite skull wearing hero!

Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior News Network: A now dead DQ/DW news site but relive the action through the archives!

Planet Dragon Warrior: A site with info on the games, maps, and more.

Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior Midi Music: A huge site with midi music from every DQ game.

Dragon Quest A promising new site dedicated to DQ VIII!

Dragon Quest 8 Kingdom: Another site devoted to Dragon Quest VIII!

The Kingdom of Alefgard: A site with game info, maps, monster stats, and more.

Toriyama's World
This site contains manga translations of all of Akira Toriyama's short stories and one shots.

Dragon Warrior Monsters Central: A site dedicated to Dragon Warrior Monsters.

Dragon Quest Savestate Shrine: Snag all sorts of saved games for your DQ/DW roms.

diasFlec's Dragon Quest Castle: A fan site for DQ IV and some other DQ games. Animated gifs, comics, and news.

Alefgard: A site with news, fan games and a DQ Radio Station.

Dragon's Den: A site for game information.

Dragon Warrior World: Fan fiction, reviews, FAQs and more.

SquareNet: A large site devoted to SquareEnix information and media

GrrlGamer: Girls who got game!

The Magic Box: Up to date news on the latest import games are found here

Gametab: All the big gaming web site's news rolled into one

RPGamer: A large site with info and media for just about every RPG out there

RPG Fan: Another large site with news, media, and interviews for RPG games

RPG Land: A nice site with lots of news, articles and features

Play Asia: The popular Japanese and Asian game and accessories shop

NCSX: Another popular import game store.

Video Game Depot: Yet another popular import game shop.

GK World: Anime, games, posters, soundtracks 'n more!

Draque Tushan: A site dedicated to DQ merchandise (Japan only)

Japan Video Games: Yet another import game store.

Lik Sang: The popular and infamous Asian game shop.

Japan Video Games: Yet another import game store.

Anime Books: A great place to find the more recent guide and art books

eBay: Hard to find DQ/DW items pop up here every day.

Y's Shop: A great place to purchase those hard to find import games.

Anime Nation: A good site to find DQ CDs and books.

Nikaku Animart: The place to find the Dragon Quest Monsters art book.

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