7-11 is National Taggin' Day! Not enough for you? OK, take a look at just some of the DQ IX visual goodness I've got in store for the new design.
Can you believe it's been an entire year since Dragon Quest IX was released here in America? If that's not cause for a good celebration, I don't know what is! Monday, July 11th has been declared National Taggin' Day! What do we do on National Taggin' Day? We get ourselves out there and start taggin'! Everybody's complaining that nobody's around to tag. Now you don't have an excuse. Organize a meet-up or just be out n' about. Go shopping. Ride around town. Eat at a fine dining establishment. It's easy to do, so hop to it! Who knows what you'll find!

Male 'n Female Heroes Original Japanese Male 'n Female Heroes Ready for Action Izayahl/Aquilla Lord Omui/Apus Major Sandy/Stella Agilo/Sterling Rika/Erinn Luidia/Patty Roxanne/Sellma Raviel/Pavo High Priest of Dharma/Abbot Jack of Alltrades Captain Max Meddlin' Warrior Martial Artist Priest Mage Thief Minstrel Armamentalist Ranger Glaaadiator! Paladin Sage Superstar/Luminary Ned/Ivor Princess Fiorne/Princess Simona Eliza/Catarrhina Liu Phen/Dr. Phlegming Oliga/Jona Mayor Bryce Marionette Queen Ulysses/Queen Voluptua Namjin/Batzorig Raboruchu/Batkhaan Sharmana/Sarantsatsral Mozaio/Fred Teal/Wallace Latena/Serena
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