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Dragon Quest IX features a healthy variety of character classes to choose from. Similar to Dragon Quest III, you design your character and pick their profession. The further you adventure, the more character classes will present themselves. Each time you level up, you receive a certain number of skill points. Just like in Dragon Quest VIII, these points go towards learning special skills with particular weapons. This is just a small taste of some of the classes and the skills they can learn. Aside from having some of the snazziest shoes around, the mystical mage will be a vital addition to your party. Not only do they provide essential attack and support spells, their wands, knives, and whips come in handy when MP is running low. Mix in a little bit of warrior with a little bit of mage and you get this crafty class. They can still swing swords and wave wands, but can now bombard with the bow. They've got the skills to hold their own in battle, but can still CAST A SPELL in a pinch.
A quick and nimble thief typically has lower stats than warriors or martial artists. On the upside, they share many weapon skills with other classes and retain them should you decide to switch. They also have unique abilities like sniffing out treasure and avoiding deadly traps. These masters of the wilderness are experts with hunting weapons like bows and boomerangs. They also share axe skills with Gladiators, which makes taking metal monsters down a little easier. If that's not enough, Ranger's unique skills help ease those long days and nights in the elements.
The merry minstrel may not be your first choice, but they can give the player a fresh outlook with their unique skills and challenges. Though their skills are acrobatical, minstrels wield weapons for warriors, mages, and martial artists.

The wait is nearly over! Nintendo has really done a fantastic job on this campaign. By now you've seen ads for DQ IX on TV, store windows, and even sizable displays at major retailers like Wal-Mart. Oh, and we can't forget the recent trivia contest either! DQ has never had this much promotion and I'm very thankful for the effort and dedication Nintendo has devoted to this title.

While I regret not having the new design up, it's coming together a little more every day. Currently working on getting the forum back up, so everyone can share their awesome DQ IX adventures soon!

-The Dwaine