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In the days before Dragon Quest VI, when Terry and Mileyu were just children, a strange monster appeared one night and snatched Mileyu away. Soon after, another monster, similar to the kidnapper, appeared and told Terry his sister was kidnapped by the evil Warubou. He informs Terry that his name is Watabou and must accompany him to the Tree Kingdom of Taiju. After his arrival, Terry met the King and received his first monster to train. If Terry wins the Monster Trainer's Shooting Star Tournament, he will be granted a wish. So Terry sets out with his team to explore the many monster dungeons to win the tournament and rescue his sister.

  • First Dragon Quest title for Game Boy
  • First Game Boy Color title, even release before the Game Boy Color!
  • 215 monsters, old and new, to catch and breed
  • 10 different monster families
  • All new personality and breeding systems
  • Tons of new AI techniques
  • 4 different attack modes
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • 9 bonus dungeons after you finish the game
  • Alex W. Jackson found out about a Dummied Dungeon in the game that is believed to have been 99 floors deep! It's assumed that the boss was supposed to be Dark Dream (Drium). When you reach the 99th floor, you just see a layout of a dark mysterious room with eerie music but no boss. AWJ states he has found Boss Data in the rom, and you can fight Dark Dream as a boss with a Game Shark code. It's assumed he has around 10,000 HP!

AWJ's Dragon Quest Monsters FAQ Dustin's Dragon Quest Monsters FAQ    

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Box and Manual Images

Watabou Terry Watabou Again Dizzy Watabou
Watabou Take 3 Searching Watabou Draco Slime Thunder Bird
Rose Battler Funky Bird Wing Slime Beetle
Dark Crab Tree Slime Evil Seed Coatoru
Flame Bird Bean Fighter Fairy Rat Rainbow Peacock
Touchuukason Flower Kingfisher Gold Slime Fang Slime
Slime Borg King Spotted Slime Slime Cube Goofy Buzzard
Scale Dragon Vine Eye Items Map
Dragon Quest Monsters Box Dragon Quest Monsters Box Back Dragon Quest Monsters Instructions Dragon Quest Monsters Cart

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