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You play the role of a 16 year old boy who lives in the village of Fishbell and aspires to be a great fisherman, like your father Borkano. Once The Hero and his friends Keifer and Maribell start exploring Estard Island, they discover that there used to be more to the world than just their small piece of land. The trio will have to collect ancient tablet shards and use them to revive the lost continents, uncover why they were lost, and who erased them to begin with.

  • First Dragon Quest title to sport a 3D world
  • Not as linear as previous entries
  • Piece together tablets to travel back in time
  • Build your own town similar to DQ III
  • 54 different character and monster classes
  • Tons of monsters, new and old
  • Over 100 hours of game play!

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Sorry, outside of shard locations, we haven't received any common questions for Dragon Quest VII yet.

Screen Shots

Estard Castle In the Church At a Temple Village in the Past
In a Tower Fighting Monsters Fighting Slimes Fighting More Monsters
Fighting Even More Monsters Chatting with Townsfolk Camping Out In a Pub

Thanks goes to the late, great GIA for the screen shots.

Box and Manual Images

Hero, Keifer, and Maribell King Barns Gran Princess Lisa Gran Hondora
Mollie Borkano Aria Melvin
Gabo Snoozing Gabo Keifer, Hero, and Maribell Again Keifer and Hero find a Pot
Hero Tossing a Pot Hero & Keifer Heroes Dressing Up Hero in Shell Armor
Maribell & Aria Putting Tablets Together Heroes in Battle Heroes Still Battling
The Battle Continues Heroes Charging Up Three Classes for Maribell Hero Looking Up
Three Classes for Gabo Hero & King Goblin Goblin Take Two
Hondara the Troublemaker Noisy Hero Searching Hero Aria, Melvin, & Keifer
Monsters Chasing Hero Dragon Quest VII Items Dragon Quest VII Weapons Dragon Quest VII Armor
Dragon Quest VII Misc. Items Dragon Quest VII Pencil Board Dragon Quest VII Poster Dragon Quest VII Box
Dragon Quest VII Box Back Disc 1 Cover Disc 2 Cover Dragon Quest VII Booklet
Dragon Quest VII Booklet Back Dragon Quest VII Booklet Back V-Jump Cover 1 V-Jump Cover 2

Monster Artwork

Cat Mage Poison Worm Monster 3 Monster 4

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